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How It Works

Who is Golden Soles?

We are a group of individuals who have come together to purchase the latest exclusive streetwear and footwear. Through our combined experience, we have learned the easiest and most successful ways to get our hands on some of the most rare and popular shoes.


What do you have to offer?

Whether you want the latest shoe releases for yourself or to buy them in bulk, we help our members beat the bots and purchase the shoes they want at retail price. Our community constantly communicates with each other about drop dates and gives each other advice on how to buy the latest releases. Our monitor systems notify our members' phones and computers before a drop, and our tutorials for each release teaches our members exactly how to navigate the process.


When did you first get into sneakers?

Our experience covers the last 7 years in the sneaker market.


Where are you located?

Golden Soles has members all over the world. By being a part of the team, you add to our map of successful users.


Why did you start this?

We started this group so that we could show others how to be successful on release days. We provide verified release times, restocks, and physical locations of the products you want. Our monitors notify our members of drops before they go live. We want to share this insight with you and give you the ability to purchase the sneakers and streetwear you want.


Is it a one time fee?

No, you will be charged each month you are a member. To stop it you need to cancel.


Why is your price $55/month when compared to others?

Competitors charge $75-100 per month. We feel this is too much and continues to block thousands of people from buying what they want.


Will your price go up? 

There are no plans to increase our price. If we do and you already have a membership, the price you signed up for will not increase.


How will I be successful?

If you haven't been able to buy the shoes you want, we'll teach you. If you can only buy a couple pairs, we can help you buy dozens.