How It Works

Who is Golden Soles?

We are a group of individuals who came together to purchase the latest exclusive streetwear and footwear years ago. From there, we have dedicated years to learning about stocks to bring us to where we are now. A group that multitasks and multi-earns through diverse investment opportunities. 


What do you have to offer?

Knowledge, experience, support, a community, and more! With Golden Soles, it is way more than just a membership you get. Along with joining the discord, when you sign up you get access to the entire server, the software available for members, and 24/7 support from staff and other members who can help. 


Where are you located?

Golden Soles has members all over the world. By being a part of the team, you add to our map of successful users.


Is it a one time fee?

No, you will be charged each month you are a member. To stop it you need to cancel.


Why is your price $30/month when compared to others?

While competitors charge $100+ per month, we feel that this is too much and would block thousands of people from being able to earn what they desire. 


Will your price go up? 

There are no plans to increase our price. If we do and you already have a membership, the price you signed up for will not increase.


How will I be successful?

With our team you will be able to know when and where to buy items that can resell and follow our lead in stock trading until you feel comfortable enough to try on your own.